Walter Villa's 1974 H2R

After the big year of racing in 1973, Kawasaki scaled back there efforts in 1974. Factory bikes were supplied to DuHamel and Baumann in the US, Greg Hansford in Australia and Christian Leon (France), Mick Grant (UK) and Walter Villa (Italy) in Europe. This is the late Walter Villa bike.

The 1974 spec H2R is a hybrid of the 73 H2R and the 75 KR750. It has an aircooled engine of roughly the same spec as the 73, with the usual evolutionary changes and the rolling chassis is very similar to the KR. This particular bike, as the other bikes outside of the US has wire wheels. The US and Australian bikes were fitted with Morris Mags.

Finally reunited with its original 74 engine with H2R ignition.

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