1973 Gary Nixon H2R Photos

In 1973 Erv Kanemoto received a production H2R for Gary Nixon to ride in the US AMA events. During the course of the year Nixon was able to win 3 national events. I purchased the frame for this bike late 2002, which I believe is Nixon's 1973 frame. Since then I have sourced many of the parts for this bike including cases, engine internals, carbs, ignition, and the wheels. The bike is in a slightly updated form from the Daytona event (start of the season) having aluminum front brake disks. Later in the year it received Morris magnesium wheels.

Here are a set of photos that show the rebuild. I purchased the core parts in September 2002 and you can see the progress to the completed bike in November 2003.

September 2002

November 2002

December 2002


July 2003

November 2003

November 2003

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